Select sounds from the real-time strategy game, Starcraft. Also included is the Starcraft sound extraction utility. You can extract all sounds from the Starcraft game using this utility.

To all those looking for a specific sound that is not here: The amount of storage all of the extracted files take up is enormous. I chose most of the common ones and a few of the more obscure ones. I included the utility so that if you have access to the game you can extract all of these sounds and every other one in the game yourself. Thank you.

Sound Effects




































Many of these are not used in the game

pabPss00.wav - Protoss: We sense a soul in search of answers.

pabPss01.wav - Protoss: Do you seek knowledge of time travel?

pabPss02.wav - Protoss: We take that as a yes

pabPss03.wav - Protoss: And now for your first lesson (laugh)

pabPss04.wav - Protoss: [scrambled sound] Do you seek knowledge of time travel?

PAdErr06.wav - Protoss advisor: Not enough energy

PAdUpd00.wav- Protoss advisor: We are under attack

PAdUpd01.wav- Protoss advisor: Your warriors have engaged the enemy

PAdUpd04.wav- Protoss advisor: Nuclear launch detected

parPss00.wav - Protoss: It all looks so different on this side

parPss01.wav - Protoss: Break on through

parPss02.wav - Protoss: It's beautiful

parPss03.wav - Protoss: They should have sent a poet

parRdy00.wav - Protoss: The merging is complete

parWht03.wav - Protoss: Power overwhelming

parYes00.wav - Protoss: Destroy

parYes01.wav - Protoss: Annihilate

parYes02.wav - Protoss: Obliterate

parYes03.wav - Protoss: Eradicate

PCaPss00.WAV - Protoss Carrier: Our enemies are legion

PCaPss01.WAV - Protoss Carrier: And still you procrastinate

PCaPss02.WAV - Protoss Carrier: Command or you will be relieved

PCaPss03.wav - Protoss Carrier: This is not an idle threat

pcaRdy00.wav - Protoss Carrier: Carrier has arrived

PCaWht00.WAV - Protoss Carrier: Instructions?

PCaWht01.WAV - Protoss Carrier: Your command?

PCaYes00.WAV - Protoss Carrier: Commencing

PCaYes03.WAV - Protoss Carrier: Affirmative

PDrPss00.wav - Protoss: Unauthorized transmission

PDrPss01.wav - Protoss: Incorrect protocol

PDrPss02.wav - Protoss: [buzz] Drop your weapon. You have 15 seconds to comply

PDrPss03.wav - Protoss: 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 [shot]

pdrRdy00.wav - Protoss: I have returned

PDrWht00.wav - Protoss: Receiving

PDrWht01.wav - Protoss: Awaiting instructions

PDrWht02.wav - Protoss: Transmit

PDrWht03.wav - Protoss: Input command

PDrYes00.wav - Protoss: Confirmed

PDrYes01.wav - Protoss: Initiating

PDrYes04.wav - Protoss: Commencing

PDrYes06.wav - Protoss: For vengeance

PDTPss00.wav - Protoss: Your taunts are ill-advised, templar

PDTPss01.wav - Protoss: Do not provoke me to violence

PDTPss02.wav - Protoss: You could no more evade my wrath...

PDTPss03.wav - Protoss: ... than you could your own shadow.

PDTWht00.wav - Protoss: Yes?

PDTWht02.wav - Protoss: I'm waiting

PScPss00.wav - Protoss: Signal unstable

PScPss01.wav - Protoss: Psyonic link dissipating

PScPss02.wav - Protoss: Adjusting neural transmission

pscPss04.wav - Protoss: [I can't make it out] re-engaged

PScRdy00.wav - Protoss: Teleport successful

PScWht00.wav - Protoss: Awaiting command

ptePss00.wav - Protoss: Your thoughts betray you

ptePss01.wav - Protoss: I see you have an appetite for destruction

ptePss02.wav - Protoss: And you've learned to use your illusion

ptePss03.wav - Protoss: But I find your lack of control disturbing

pteWht03.wav - Protoss: State thy bidding

pwiPss00.wav - Protoss: I sense a soul in search of answers (female voice)

pwiPss01.wav - Protoss: (heavy scottish accent) That sounds like a block of [???]. Gargantuan, swollen, blotted mushroom

pwiPss02.wav - Protoss: One small step for man. One giant... [tuning noises] Stop poking me!

pwiPss03.wav - Protoss: [can't make it out - sounds like a disco-era DJ]

pwiPss04.wav - Protoss: [Sounds like German. I think he said something about an expansion set]

PZePss00.wav - Protoss: Entaru Aduhn!

PZePss01.wav - Protoss: All for the empire!

PZePss02.wav - Protoss: Doom to all who threaten the homeworld

tadErr02.wav - Terran advisor: Additional supply depots required

TAdErr06.wav - Terran advisor: Not enough energy

tadUpd00.wav - Terran advisor: Base is under attach

tadUpd01.wav - Terran advisor: Your forces are under attack

tadUPD04.wav - Terran advisor: Nuclear launch detected

tadUPD05.wav - Terran advisor: Abandoning auxiliary structure

tbapss00.wav - Terran Battle Cruiser: Identify yourself

tbapss01.wav - Terran Battle Cruiser: Shields up. Weapons online.

tbapss02.wav - Terran Battle Cruiser: Not equipped with shields? Well, then, buckle up!

tbapss03.wav - Terran Battle Cruiser: We are getting way behind schedule

tbapss04.wav - Terran Battle Cruiser: I really have to go, number 1

tbardy00.wav - Terran Battle Cruiser: Battle cruiser operational

tbawht00.wav - Terran Battle Cruiser: All crews reporting

tbawht01.wav - Terran Battle Cruiser: Receiving transmission

tbawht02.wav - Terran Battle Cruiser: Good day, commander

tbawht03.wav - Terran Battle Cruiser: Hailing frequencies open

tbayes03.wav - Terran Battle Cruiser: Engage

TCvPss00.wav - Terran SCV: I want to be all I can be

TCvPss01.wav - Terran SCV: I tell you what, I think I'll join up

TCvPss02.wav - Terran SCV: I'm a little claustrophobic, though

TCvPss03.wav - Terran SCV: Hope they don't put me in any tight spaces

TCVPss04.wav - Terran SCV: Ah, what the hell. I need that college money.

TCVRdy00.wav - Terran SCV: Hey, how'd I get here?

TCvWht00.wav - Terran SCV: Hey, there

TCvWht01.wav - Terran SCV: How y'all doin'?

TCvWht03.wav - Terran SCV: Howdy

TCvYes00.wav - Terran SCV: I'm goin'

TCvYes01.wav - Terran SCV: No sweat

TCvYes02.wav - Terran SCV: Yep!

TCvYes03.wav - Terran SCV: Alright

TCVYes04.wav - Terran SCV: Sure thing

TDrPss00.wav - Terran Drop Ship: When removing your overhead luggage, please be careful

TDrPss01.wav - Terran Drop Ship: In case of a water landing, you may be used as a floatation device

TDrPss02.wav - Terran Drop Ship: To hurl chunks, please use the vomit bag in front of you

TDrPss03.wav - Terran Drop Ship: Keeps your arms and legs inside until this ride comes to a full and complete stop

TDrRdy00.wav - Terran Drop Ship: Can I take your order?

TDrWht03.wav - Terran Drop Ship: Input coordinates

TDrYes04.wav - Terran Drop Ship: Strap yourselves in, boys

TDrYes05.wav - Terran Drop Ship: I copy that

tfbPss00.wav - Terran Fire Bat: Is something burning

tfbPss01.wav - Terran Fire Bat: [chuckle] That's what I thought

tfbPss02.wav - Terran Fire Bat: I love the smell of napalm

tfbPss03.wav - Terran Fire Bat: Nothin' like a good smoke

tfbPss04.wav - Terran Fire Bat: You tryin' to get invited to my next barbeque?

tfbPss05.wav - Terran Fire Bat: Got any questions about propane?

tfbPss06.wav - Terran Fire Bat: Or propane accessories?

tfbRdy00.wav - Terran Fire Bat: Need a light?

tfbWht00.wav - Terran Fire Bat: Fire it up!

tfbWht02.wav - Terran Fire Bat: You got my attention

tfbWht03.wav - Terran Fire Bat: Want to turn up the heat?

tfbYes01.wav - Terran Fire Bat: Slammin'

tfbYes03.wav - Terran Fire Bat: Let's burn

tghpss00.wav - Terran Ghost: You called down the thunder

tghpss01.wav - Terran Ghost: Now reap the whirlwind

tghpss02.wav - Terran Ghost: Keep it up. I dare ya'.

tghpss03.wav - Terran Ghost: I'm about to overload my aggression inhibitors

tghrdy00.wav - Terran Ghost: Somebody call for an exterminator?

tghwht03.wav - Terran Ghost: Call the shot

(Yes, that's Michael Dorn as the voice of the Goliath)

TGoPss00.wav - Terran Goliath: Milsec 8209 on

TGoPss01.wav - Terran Goliath: Checklist protocol initiating

TGoPss02.wav - Terran Goliath: Running level 1 diagnostic

TGoPss03.wav - Terran Goliath: USDA selected

TGoPss04.wav - Terran Goliath: FDIC approved

TGoPss05.wav - Terran Goliath: Checklist completed... S.O.B.

TGoRdy00.wav - Terran Goliath: Goliath online

TGoWht00.wav - Terran Goliath: Go ahead, tac comm

TGoWht01.wav - Terran Goliath: Comlink online

TGoWht02.wav - Terran Goliath: Channel open

TGoWht03.wav - Terran Goliath: Systems functional

TGoYes01.wav - Terran Goliath: Navcom locked

TGoYes02.wav - Terran Goliath: Confirmed

TMaPss00.wav - Terran Marine: We gotta move

TMaPss01.wav - Terran Marine: Are you gonna give me orders?

TMaPss02.wav - Terran Marine: Oh my God, he's wacked

TMaPss03.wav - Terran Marine: I vote we frag this commander

TMaPss04.wav - Terran Marine: How do I get out of this chicken-sh[beep]t outfit?

TMaPss06.wav - Terran Marine: If it weren't for these damn neural implants, you'd be a smokin' crater by now

TMaRdy00.wav - Terran Marine: You want a piece of me, boy?

TMaWht02.wav - Terran Marine: Jacked up and good to go

TMaYes00.wav - Terran Marine: Go go go!

TPhPss00.wav - Terran Wraith: Last transmission breaking up. Come back?

TPhPss01.wav - Terran Wraith: I'm just curious. Why am I so good?

TPhPss02.wav - Terran Wraith: I gotta get me one of these.

TPhPss03.wav - Terran Wraith: You know who the best starfighter in the fleet is?

TPhPss04.wav - Terran Wraith: Yours truly.

TPhPss05.wav - Terran Wraith: Everybody's gotta die sometimes, Red.

TPhPss06.wav - Terran Wraith: I am invincible. That's right.

TPhRdy00.wav - Terran Wraith: Wraith awaiting launch orders

TPhYes01.wav - Terran Wraith: Attack formation

TSCPss00.wav - Terran SCV: Come again, captain?

TSCPss01.wav - Terran SCV: I'm not reading you clearly

TSCPss02.wav - Terran SCV: You ain't from around here, are you?

TSCPss03.wav - Terran SCV: I can't believe they put me in one of these things.

TSCPss04.wav - Terran SCV: And now I gotta put up with this, too?

TSCPss05.wav - Terran SCV: I told 'em I was claustrophobic. I gotta get outta here!

TSCPss06.wav - Terran SCV: I'm socked in here tighter than a frogs butt in a watermelon seed fight. (don't ask me. I've never heard it either.)

TSCWht03.wav - Terran SCV: Reportin' for duty.

ttapss00.wav - Terran Siege Tank: [hums Ride of the Valkyrie]

ttapss01.wav - Terran Siege Tank: I'm about to drop the hammer

ttapss02.wav - Terran Siege Tank: And dispense some indiscriminate justice!

ttapss03.wav - Terran Siege Tank: What is your major malfunction?

ttardy00.wav - Terran Siege Tank: Ready to roll out

tvepss00.wav - Terran Science Vessel: Ah, I like the cut of your jib

tvepss01.wav - Terran Science Vessel: E equals M C... d'oh let me get my notepad

tvepss02.wav - Terran Science Vessel: Hmm. Fusion, eh? I'll have to remember that.

tvepss03.wav - Terran Science Vessel: [monkey noises] Who set all these lab monkeys free?

tvepss04.wav - Terran Science Vessel: [rising pitch] I think we may have a gas leak

tvepss05.wav - Terran Science Vessel: Do any of you fools know how to shut off this infernal contraption?

tvepss06.wav - Terran Science Vessel: Ah... the ship... out of danger?

tveyes00.wav - Terran Science Vessel: Let's roll

tvupss00.wav - Terran Vulture: Somethin' you wanted?

tvupss01.wav - Terran Vulture: I don't have time to f[beep]k around

tvupss02.wav - Terran Vulture: You keeppushin' me boy

tvupss03.wav - Terran Vulture: And I'll scrap you along with the aliens

tvurdy00.wav - Terran Vulture: Alright! Bring it on!

TVuWht00.wav - Terran Vulture: What do you want?

tvuyes03.wav - Terran Vulture: Oh. Is that it?

UDTpss00.wav - Been a General for fifteen years

UDTpss01.wav - now I'm takin' orders from a pup

UDTpss02.wav - This Korhal outfit's a mess

UDTpss03.wav - Y'all need some good, old-fashioned discipline

UDTPss04.wav - That's what you need

UDTwht03.wav - Make up your mind

UFDPss00.wav - I fear no enemy

UFDPss01.wav - For the Cala is my strength

UFDPss02.wav - I fear not death

UFDPss03.wav - For our strength is eternal

UFePss00.wav - I fear no enemy

UFePss01.wav - For the Cala is my strength

UFePss02.wav - I fear not death

UFePss03.wav - For our strength is eternal

UKeDth00.wav - Kerrigan dies (kind-of a moan)

UKepss00.wav - Kerrigan: Easily amused, huh?

UKepss01.wav - Kerrigan: Doesn't take a telepath to know what you're thinking

UKepss02.wav - Kerrigan: You get off on annoying people, don't you?

UKepss03.wav - Kerrigan: You may have time to play games

UKePss04.wav - Kerrigan: But I've got a job to do

UKewht00.wav - Kerrigan: Lt. Kerrigan reporting

UKewht01.wav - Kerrigan: What now?

UKewht02.wav - Kerrigan: I'm waitin' on you

UKewht03.wav - Kerrigan: I'm ready

UKeyes00.wav - Kerrigan: I got 'ya

UKeyes01.wav - Kerrigan: Thinkin the same thing

UKeyes02.wav - Kerrigan: It'd be a pleasure

UKeyes03.wav - Kerrigan: I read you [chuckle]

UKipss00.wav - Infested Kerrigan: You begin to annoy me, cerebrate

UKipss01.wav - Infested Kerrigan: But don't think that I need you

UKipss02.wav - Infested Kerrigan: Should you become a nuisance

UKiPss03.wav - Infested Kerrigan: I'll kill you myself

URaPss00.wav - Hey, quit it

URaPss01.wav - What's your problem, man?

URaPss02.wav - Look, commander, do you mind?

URaPss03.wav - I knew I shoulda stayed in bed this morning

URaWht00.wav - Raynor here

URaYes02.wav - This should be good

URVpss00.wav - Hey, quit it

URVpss01.wav - What's your problem, man?

URVpss02.wav - Look, commander, do you mind?

URVpss03.wav - I knew I shoulda stayed in bed this morning

UTaPss00.wav - Protoss: Speak quickly, executor

UTaPss01.wav - Protoss: I don't have time for games

UTaPss02.wav - Protoss: I was executor long before you

UTaPss03.wav - Protoss: So do not try my patience

UZePss00.wav - You have persecuted us for generations

UZePss01.wav - and now you beg us to aid you?

UZePss02.wav - We will do what we must

UZePss03.wav - But we do it for Aiur, not for you

ZAdErr02.wav - Zerg Advisor: Spawn more overlords

ZAdErr06.wav - Zerg Advisor: Not enough energy

ZAdUpd00.wav - Zerg Advisor: The hive cluster is under attack

ZAdUpd01.wav - Zerg Advisor: Our forces are under attack

ZAdUpd04.wav - Zerg Advisor: Nuclear launch detected

ZBgPss00.wav - I am wretched

ZBgPss01.wav - but I am strong

ZBgPss02.wav - I am the future

ZBgPss03.wav - I am Zerg!

ZBgRdy00.wav - Live for the swarm

ZBgWht00.wav - Ready to kill

ZBgWht01.wav - Prepare to die

ZBgWht02.wav - Let me serve

ZBgWht03.wav - Sacrifice me

ZBgYes00.wav - Yes

ZBgYes01.wav - Immediately

ZBgYes02.wav - Gladly

ZBgYes03.wav - For the overmind - Utility for extracting all sound files from the game

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